Towards Riverbend School’s recent commitment to expand its Financial Aid program, the school offered a Raise the Paddle for Financial Aid at the 2016 Swing Into Spring Gala & Auction. This, in combination with announcing that all proceeds from non-designated items at the event would go to Financial Aid, shows the school’s strong commitment to improving its Financial Aid program and making a Riverbend education available to more children. You can read more about this commitment in the remarks by Development Committee Board Members James McElligott and Dave Young, who spoke at the opening of the Raise the Paddle for Financial Aid.
Community members can still contribute to the Raise the Paddle for Financial Aid through our Online Giving Tool now through April 30, 2016.



“We’re James McElligott and Dave Young and we comprise the Board members on the Development Committee. Tonight we want to talk to you about financial aid at Riverbend. With this video, we wanted to show that we believe Riverbend can have a profound affect on a child. The education our kids receive from our fantastic teachers is life altering, but in some cases that is only possible with the help of Financial Aid. James knows the positive value of financial aid since the education he received earlier in his life would have only been possible through the financial aid that was given to him. He would not be where he is today without that generosity of others. The Board has worked hard this year to make more financial aid available to more students. The result is a commitment to fund more than double the financial aid offered next year. So not only will more kids be able to receive a Riverbend education, but families will be better financially supported than before. We now have the ability in some circumstances to offer financial aid that covers an entire tuition. This is a great step towards a financial aid program that not only leads the pack among our competitive schools, but also reaffirms our commitment to the values that Riverbend holds. Not having had the opportunity to attend a school like Riverbend as a kid has left Dave even more amazed by what the school and teachers can do for his children, and that’s an experience that should be open to the whole community. We can not reach this goal alone, we need your help to make this positive change sustainable. Together, we can make possible an amazing education that can change a child’s life. Diversity adds a richness to life and greater perspective to allow all of Riverbend’s future leaders to be more well-rounded, compassionate, and ultimately more impactful. We believe Riverbend instills the independence and confidence that helps turns today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders. We should want those leaders to come from a variety of backgrounds. Some of you may have won with what you bid on tonight and others lost. We are now going to offer everyone a chance to win and help better support our community through financial aid. We have said nice words and now we are going to ask for the hard part which is putting actions behind words. If any of you feel the same way about the importance of financial aid and the impact it can have on our community, we ask you to think about what you are comfortable giving to this raise the paddle for financial aid.  Even $100 shows your support for this initiative. We value the power of financial aid so much that we are each willing to raise our paddles at the highest level of $5,000. We want to emphasize that all levels of support are important, but we hope some of you will join us at that level. We are all part of a community, whether you are a student, a parent or a teacher at Riverbend. We think that community is a special place. Together we can make amazing things happen. Thank you.”

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