Art, Innovation, Physical Challenge and Team Building, Spanish and Music classes are taking our students to new and exciting heights!


The students have hit the ground running in all areas this year, and the specialists’ classes are no exception! From obstacle courses to water colors, from electrical circuits to rhythm through dance to dynamic language, the faculty have introduced the students to new and exciting curriculum.


New to our Children’s House Primary programs this year, we are fortunate to have added Innovation, Physical Education and Art to our ongoing Spanish and Music experiences for our three to six year old students.The new line-up includes Ms. Huffman bringing Makers Spaces, Mr. Jacob visiting weekly as our artist in residence, and Coach K leading physical development and coordination.  In addition, our very own in-house Naturalist, Miss Janey, has started sharing  her passion for outdoor learning to our Toddler and three and four year old groups!


Suffice it to say that we feel our students’ learning experiences have been truly expanded beyond our wildest dreams!!

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