Forest Fires and Climate Change by Hanne

“…very good and really informative.” -P.G.

As printed news journalism declines and audio media gains popularity, podcasting is a way for journalists to have an opportunity to tell a story and reach listeners. Podcasts are relatively easy and inexpensive to produce, and audiences appreciate the sense of personal connection with a program host.  

Middle school students chose between a current event or a science topic in which to research and write a script for a podcast. They used Audacity software to record their podcast and to add music. 

Please listen to the podcasts below to learn about exciting news and new discoveries in science presented by Riverbend Middle School students. 

Each week a new podcast will be posted- stay tuned! 

Would You Want to Live Forever? By Cam

“… very deep and made me think about life and its meaning.” -N.B.

“A very interesting and engaging question.” -L.H.

The Signing of Starbucks by Vanessa

“Very informational and humorous. I enjoyed it immensely.”  -L.O.

“The introduction was by far the most hilarious thing I have ever heard in my life.”- D.I.

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