In English class, students finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird. My favorite student comment was “Mrs. Lapon this book is so good I just don’t want it to be over.” Each student made a Character Tin Box Project that thoroughly explored one of the characters in the book. Students created objects to put in their tin boxes that represented the characters personality, talents and ethics.


We also started a unit on writing Children’s Stories. Each student is writing and illustrating their own children’s story which they will get to read to a Children’s House or Lower El student upon completion.


Each week we go over different literary elements and discuss how to incorporate those elements into their story. In History class, we studied Native Americans. Specifically, we looked at the changes in U.S. policies and laws in government interactions with American Indians. Students also gave American Indian Mascot Presentations that explore the history and controversy of sports teams using Native Americans for their mascot.



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