MakerFaire at Riverbend

Last Friday, the middle school students at Riverbend put on a MakerFaire for 1st through 6th graders.  The middle school students decided on the activities for the MakerFaire, made prototypes, and researched and identified materials. There was a budget to adhere to and lots of other tasks involved in order to prepare.
MakerFaires are held all over the world and are places of creativity and experiential learning.  At a MakerFaire you can expect to make several projects and experience something new in the areas of design, technology, and innovation.
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On the day of the event at Riverbend, approximately 80 students (and their teachers too) came to the event to make, create, and have fun! 
At our MakerFaire students could create:
LED Flowers
LED Lanterns
Pop Up cards
Boats to race
Cosmic Suncatchers
Sock Snowmen
And they could experiment with:
Conductive play dough
Wind tube
Makey/Scratch Musical instruments and games

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