Each week our two Primary Kindergarten Groups (Birch/Elm and Maple/Oak) travel to the Upper School for additional specials Physical Education, Art, and Spanish.  In these students begin to understand and enjoy a bit of Elementary school life. After one of the above specials, the groups stay once a week with a Lower Elementary Teacher for a “Curriculum Extension Lesson”.  The Lower Elementary teachers sit with the 10 children while their own students are out at their specials and introduce extensions of our wonderful Montessori Curriculum.  Below, enjoy an excerpt from very fun experience that took place this week!



5 and 6 year old students from the Maple and Oak rooms used Snap sticks to create different polygons. It was a very concrete, hands on lesson where students learned vocabulary and properties of new geometric shapes. At the end of the activity, there was a period of free expression time where the students collaborated and created imagery and models of everyday items.


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