“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better…”

–Albert Einstein


Last Friday a great day was had at the farm! The children made the walk with ease, thanks to the help of Miss Shawwnee, Mo (Lucas’ dad, Neeti (Sajan’s mom), and also our MS helpers Declan, Thomas, and Thalia. It was a gorgeous day to be outside exploring our school’s neighborhood, and eventually, the Natick Community Organic Farm. Miss Susan lead the tour as 17 excited children explored the various areas of the farm such as the gardens, fields of sheep, goat, and cows, the rabbit and chicken coops, the turkey pen, and of course, the pigs! After exploring and learning about the farm with Miss Susan, we stopped for a snack of bananas, clementines, and corn chex. After snacks and drinks, we were off to visit the school behind the farm called The Forest Gnomes. The Forest Gnomes is an exclusively, outdoor program where children spend their morning hiking, working, and playing in nature for the 4 hours they attend. This happens rain, snow, or shine! We were given access to the program’s outdoor area for some fun and exercise and the kindergarteners enjoyed every minute.


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