The Toddler and Primary friends have been experiencing the seasonal changes in Riverbend’s backyard this Fall with Ms. Janey. Toddlers have been mimicking animal behaviors, for example; shaking their gray squirrel tails, collecting acorns like chipmunks, and scratching in the dirt for food like turkeys. Through binoculars, we observed birds eating from our new bird feeders. Enjoying the colors of fall, we sorted leaves by color, raked them into a pile and jumped with joy! Primary friends have been learning about some of our special backyard trees and animals adapting to fall and getting ready for winter. We went on treasure hunts and delighted in the wonder of the natural world, making observations and using all of our senses. It’s been an adventure exploring Riverbend’s backyard!



In addition to this our Elementary students have been very busy across the street with the Gardening Team. The team began its missions, placing composters on the Upper School campus and educating the Lower Elementary students why and how we compost at school. Through maintaining a compost pile, the students have been learning what healthy soil is all about. Compost is teeming with all kinds of microorganisms and soil fauna that help convert soil nutrients into a form that can be readily absorbed by plants. We will spread around compost to plant seeds in spring.



With the help from a few parent volunteers, including Jennifer Nissi, Urmila Kamat, and Catherine Zhang, Mrs.Kim’s class installed six raised garden boxes on the Children’s House campus. All of the primary classes have their own garden boxes in their outdoor classroom areas,  for the children’s easy access to the gardening activities. The Lower Elementary students are excited to have their own garden boxes for the study of Botany. Being eager to put their hands in the soil, Mrs. Kim’s class planted cloves of garlic for the late spring harvest. We look forward to having many children planting and gardening in spring.

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