Welcome to Forest Friday!


Children are natural scientists and observers and they also have the need for open-ended nature play. These last few weeks, we’ve set the tone by beginning each lesson with a “Forest Circle” and creating ground rules for the group to live and work by. The children came up with some incredible rules such as: always come dressed and prepared for the weather, always stay with the group, and respect nature and one another.


In our first lesson, we practiced using cue cards: “deer ears” that help us listen, “eagle eyes” that help us see, and ” kitty cat feet” that help us walk gently. We also learned a forest call. When we hear the call, we stop and listen. This aim is to help get the group together, quiet, and ready for an important message.


Exploring trees and identifying them by their leaves is only one way to help children observe nature closely. By paying attention to nature and the  relationships between flora and fauna we are building our ecological awareness and becoming stewards of our amazing planet earth!


The pictures below show students completing fall nature bingo and admiring a red-back salamander we found.




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