Our primary students have been learning about owls and their adaptations.


Like all creatures, Owls are uniquely adapted to survive in their habitat.  Previously they explored the amazing ways that an owl’s body is adapted to hunt for food, defend its home and raise its babies.  There are eight species of owls in Massachusetts and the children became familiar with their special features. Using their gentle hands they touched an owl feather and compared it to other bird feathers. They looked up close at their mighty talons. This week the children each had a chance to dissect a real owl pellet.  They learned that owls consume rodents and then cough up the indigestible bones and fur. The children first pulled apart the pellet with tweezers, then using magnifying glasses, looked closely at the bones to match them with a rodent bone chart. We found skulls, teeth and so much more.  Owls eat rodents, shrews, moles and even small birds.  


Also a special thanks to Alexis Sabow our parent volunteer, for helping the children explore the pellets!

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