“What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

-John Steinback



On January 12th,  the Forest Friday crew spent time in the play space (before heading outside to the winter wonderland) working as teams to identify animal tracks using a field guide. We also looked at a real deer skull and used it’s identifying features to figure out how old the deer was and if it was male or female. We talked about how sometimes in the forest, an animal leaves tracks, scat, bones, and other signs that it has been there. We then got dressed in our layers and headed out to do some tracking….



And what a wet and wild time we had! Winter is here and it’s heavy with snow. We survived the icy chill of last weekend only to be greeted by a warming trend and rain. Life in New England really does mean you have to be prepared for all types of weather. Being prepared is one of the ways we’ve been able to show our skills as humans to adapt. Through this process of adaptation, we develop a sort of resiliency to weather, temperatures, and climate change over time. It is evident that these kindergartners are becoming forest experts. They sloshed along the slush-filled trail with ease, walking and talking, noticing all of the changes around them. Children’s observational skills are exceptional—Passing termite log, audible gasps and shouts could be heard from the children who noticed animal scat and tracks in the snow near the stream! Evidence of an animal is quite an exciting find and must be documented it with a photograph! We also measured the width of the stream with a tape measure and measured depth with a yard stick. One friend had the task of recording these measurements in our field journal. Measurement is critical to understanding and observing changes our natural world. Each week, we will measure and record and graph the stream changes to look for a pattern. What trends will we find?



We will be sure to let everyone know when our data is collected.



Until then,

Heather (on behalf of the Forest Friday crew)

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