Last week at Riverbend Discovery Camp, our campers had a showcase of various art works they put together for the entire camp. Students chose a subject of interest to present to all of the other campers and staff. They held the showing in the children’s house play space.The three showcase presentations consisted of a slim experiment, a habitat model, and reconstructed owl houses. (The biodegradable materials for both the owl houses and habitat model were collected in nature from the surrounding forest areas.)

The inspiration for the nature themed exhibits came from a two recent visitors the campers encountered earlier that week, an Owl and a Hawk. The students were able to learn about these creatures from an expert, and later were inspired and choose art works that were directly tied to the animal’s life style.The Campers were able to share their experience and knowledge through these projects to their toddler friends who had many questions and enjoyed the show!



Top Secret Science Blurb:


“This week, elementary students explored a wide variety of topics in science through a series of hands-on experiments with Top Secret Science instructors, Robert and Edward Lang. Students took home a number of classic experiments, like Make-your-own Super Bouncy Balls, as well as unique artistic creations, such as Ultraviolet Bracelets. In between take home experiments and classroom demonstrations, campers competed in a number of team challenges which tested their ability to apply what they know to unfamiliar problems. Beyond the classroom, the children were encouraged to continue the learning process by creating their own scientist trading cards and pipe cleaner crystals at home.


Each day of camp focused on a distinct theme in which broadly illustrated the main branches in science. Students began the week with experiments in Light and Sound, where we highlighted the difference between perception and reality through Optical Illusions, and discussed the creation of sound waves through Straw Duck Calls. Tuesday was spent exploring Electromagnetism and Our Planet, which featured the supremely entertaining Buzz Magnets. On our crowd-pleasing Chemistry day, students created their own Silly Putty using a simple mixture of starch and liquid glue. Math and Games day introduced students to the power of multiplication and exponential growth through the Chores Contract, and every student was able to make a Recycled Beach Glass Necklace to take home. Students ended the week with Physics, which explored conventional topics in motion through the use of the new ‘it’ toy, Fidget Spinners.”


-Robert Lang,


Top Secret Science

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