This week our Maple and Oak Kindergarteners joined Ms. Sundstrom and Mrs. Bracken in conducting a science experiment. They performed the experiment “Elephant’s Toothpaste.”  The children couldn’t contain their excitement as we mixed a few ingredients and created an amazing chemical reaction. By mixing hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, hot water, food coloring and yeast we made a foam explosion.  The yeast acted as a catalyst to remove the oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide, creating lots of bubbles.


Additionally Kindergarten students from our Birch and Elm classrooms joined Mrs. Harea in a lesson on cartography and the different ways we display the continents and countries in our world. They learned about sounthern and northern hemispheres, and were given a lesson how the Montessori puzzle maps are completed / done in LE. Students are excited to try making a puzzle map of the world using new techniques, such as tracing each puzzle piece, labeling name of continents and oceans, tracing it using a permanent markers and coloring using colored pencils and paint.


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