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Science Fair K-8

2019 Science Fair!

Detail update!

Students in Kindergarten-8th Grade are putting the finishing touches on their projects and they are eager to present their findings to the community. Here are some important details regarding the event.

Time and Location: The Science Fair will run from 6:00-7:30pm on Tuesday, February 12. We ask that students arrive at 5:45pm. All projects will be set up in the Children’s House and Middle School buildings. Kindergarten and Lower Elementary projects will be in the Children’s House. Upper Elementary and Middle School projects will be in both buildings, primarily in MS classrooms and the Playspace in the Children’s House.

Parking: Please park in the Children’s House lot, and on the grass/gravel in between the MS Building and 39 Eliot. There will be signage and staff to help direct you.

Project Evaluations: UE and MS students will have their projects evaluated by a judge from the community. Judges will have badges on. If you approach a project while a student is presenting to a judge, please wait patiently while the student presents and the evaluation is complete.

All projects should be taken home at the conclusion of the evening. Looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday night!

Event description: The Science Fair is a longstanding school tradition and a highlight of the Riverbend curriculum. Students have chosen questions to research and they are in the process of organizing their projects. They are motivated by their own curiosity and high standards. It is so exciting to see this work unfold! The culmination of this work will be the presentation of projects at the Science Fair. Students in Upper Elementary and Middle School will also have their projects evaluated by judges from the community.