Physical Education

Physical Education at Riverbend School

At Riverbend the main focus of the physical education department is to create a foundation on which we can build a program that will reflect and advance our school’s athletic community. Throughout the year, our students will be exposed to numerous sports and activities that will spark excitement and passion for physical education. This will also set the groundwork for our school to build a wider range of enrichment programs, as well as give our students a look into new sports that will foster enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle.

On a day-to-day basis, students will be working on key physical education benchmarks, gross motor skills, reflex development, and team building. Each grade will have a number of different expectations and goals set for them to achieve by the end of the year. To keep the students engaged and excited about the programs in the curriculum, specific passions and interests will be incorporate throughout the year. Students will be responsible for setting individual goals and tracking their own progress through the course of the school year. This will help present their accomplishments in a way that can be easily measure. By establishing these goals students will find new ways to overcome obstacles that they may come across in and outside of the classroom.