Inspiring a lifelong love of music is our ultimate goal.

Children in the Toddler and Primary programs meet with our Music Specialist in their classrooms once a week. Through creative singing games and finger-play activities, they develop inner hearing and fine motor skills. Through work with the rhythmic syllables “ta” and “ti-ti,” they learn about the basic units of rhythm (e.g., quarter note and eighth note). These musical games and activities also introduce children to solfege singing, specifically Sol-Mi-La melodic intervals. This method helps children develop accurate pitch recognition, discrimination and matching. Curwen-Kodaly hand sign exercises are introduced to expand understanding even further. Our Kindergarten through Middle  School students attend regular music classes in the Music Studio. Over the years, from the youngest levels through eighth grade, Riverbend students develop a deepening appreciation for music, along with the confidence to make music on their own or in a group. They study music from a variety of cultures and time periods to gain a broad understanding and global perspective. Steeped in a firm praxial approach to music education, Riverbend utilizes the Kodaly, Orff and Dalcroze methods. In our small, personal classes, there is plenty of time for individual and group work on both theory and practice. Students uncover the basic elements of music (melody, harmony, rhythm, meter, form, etc.) through an active exploration of many genres of music (including popular, classical, bluegrass, children’s, blues, folk and jazz). All students actively explore improvisation and composition and are welcome to join Riverbend’s stage and rock bands to experience an ensemble setting.