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New Year & New Beginnings

Art, Innovation, Physical Challenge and Team Building, Spanish and Music classes are taking our students to new and exciting heights!   The students have hit the ground running in all areas this year, and the specialists’ classes are no exception! From obstacle courses to water colors, from electrical circuits to rhythm through dance to dynamic language, the faculty have introduced the students

Back to School Night 2017

Last week our annual Back to School Night was held on the front green of the Upper School Campus. It was a wonderful opportunity for new parents and new faculty to meet returning community members, share some food, and connect after a restful summer. Chris Suraci, the Board Chair, delivered the opening remarks. Below is

Camp Exposition

Last week at Riverbend Discovery Camp, our campers had a showcase of various art works they put together for the entire camp. Students chose a subject of interest to present to all of the other campers and staff. They held the showing in the children’s house play space.The three showcase presentations consisted of a slim

Tavern Update

In a quick recap, the renovated Tavern will be the welcome center for new families and will house the Admissions Office. It will also include two large instructional spaces for Middle School academics that will better accommodate Science and Math instruction, as well as a large multi-purpose space that will accommodate the school’s Music program.

Reflecting on a Year of Mindfulness 

by Dawna Phillips, Mindful Schools Certified Instructor, Teacher’s Assistant   Mindfulness is simply paying attention to what is happening in the present moment – our thoughts, emotions and sensations – without judgment and with compassion. When given the time, space, and tools to explore their experiences with care, children can attend to and reveal a meaningful

Riverbend Begins Renovation of Historic Morse Tavern

Riverbend School has begun renovation of the historic Peletiah Morse Tavern which includes rebuilding the attached wing to create new classroom spaces, as well as a Welcome Center for prospective Riverbend School families.   The renovated Tavern, located at 33 Eliot Street, will include two large instructional spaces for Middle School academics that will better

Middle School Explores Stop-Motion Animation

    The Animation Projects showcased in this video were created during the Middle School art period, under the direction of art teacher, Jean Ormaza. The project guidelines were to explore the traditional art of Stop-Motion animation by compiling various amounts of still frames in a sequence to capture the movements of certain objects. For the

Farewell to Our Beloved Catalpa Tree

I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. —From “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer   As those in our community that visit campus each day already know, Riverbend’s landscape changed in an unexpected way late in the summer. The sun shines on us differently now in the absence of the catalpa

Riverbend Raises the Bar for Financial Aid

Towards Riverbend School’s recent commitment to expand its Financial Aid program, the school offered a Raise the Paddle for Financial Aid at the 2016 Swing Into Spring Gala & Auction. This, in combination with announcing that all proceeds from non-designated items at the event would go to Financial Aid, shows the school’s strong commitment to

Mindfulness at Riverbend School

What is mindfulness and why it is important to practice in daily life, especially for children in schools

Throughout the fall, our Upper Elementary students participated in a series of lessons in mindfulness under the direction of Mindful Schools Certified Instructor Dawna Leger Phillips. As our Upper Elementary students concluded their final Mindful Schools lesson, we decided to take the opportunity to sit down with Dawna to learn more about mindfulness and how