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Forest Friday Winter Adventure

“What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” -John Steinback     On January 12th,  the Forest Friday crew spent time in the play space (before heading outside to the winter wonderland) working as teams to identify animal tracks using a field guide. We also looked at a real

Kindergarten Curriculum Extension

This week our Maple and Oak Kindergarteners joined Ms. Sundstrom and Mrs. Bracken in conducting a science experiment. They performed the experiment “Elephant’s Toothpaste.”  The children couldn’t contain their excitement as we mixed a few ingredients and created an amazing chemical reaction. By mixing hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, hot water, food coloring and yeast we made a

Head of School’s Reflection

Dear Riverbend Community,   It gives me great pride to offer some early impressions from my Riverbend introduction. I have now been at Riverbend for just over a month. What have I gleaned from this relatively short amount of time? First a little context.   I have been in education for close to thirty years.

Kindergarten Curriculum Extension Program

Each week our two Primary Kindergarten Groups (Birch/Elm and Maple/Oak) travel to the Upper School for additional specials Physical Education, Art, and Spanish.  In these students begin to understand and enjoy a bit of Elementary school life. After one of the above specials, the groups stay once a week with a Lower Elementary Teacher for

Forest Friday: The Night Tree

The Night Tree Forest Friday Ks and Miss Janey’s primary groups teamed up for a combined lesson on a classic children’s story called “The Night Tree”, by Eve Bunting. Kindergartners learned about animal adaptations and created strands of Cheerios and cranberries for the animals who must adapt to the cold weather of the Natick Forest.

Forest Friday: Elm Bank Tree

This year, many classes came together to create ornaments with the theme of “Birds of Unity” for this year’s tree donation to Elm Bank’s Festival of Trees.  Middle School students, under the direction of Mr. Jacob, created beautiful, wire, bird sculptures. Primary children created seed suets with the help of Ms. Janey and parent volunteers. Many other primary and

Forest Friday joined by Gardening Team

    The Toddler and Primary friends have been experiencing the seasonal changes in Riverbend’s backyard this Fall with Ms. Janey. Toddlers have been mimicking animal behaviors, for example; shaking their gray squirrel tails, collecting acorns like chipmunks, and scratching in the dirt for food like turkeys. Through binoculars, we observed birds eating from our

Forest Friday: Children Monitor Natural World

“Free a child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.”   Maria Montessori’s quote resonated with me as I watched 18 little people plot how they were going to explore the forest around them. It is clear to the observer that when children are immersed in nature, they are their most truest selves.

Forest Friday on the Farm

  “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better…” –Albert Einstein   Last Friday a great day was had at the farm! The children made the walk with ease, thanks to the help of Miss Shawwnee, Mo (Lucas’ dad, Neeti (Sajan’s mom), and also our MS helpers Declan, Thomas, and Thalia. It

Forest Friday

What do you get when you combine 18 kindergarteners, nature-based learning and a chance to explore the untapped potential of the outdoors?

Welcome to Forest Friday!   Children are natural scientists and observers and they also have the need for open-ended nature play. These last few weeks, we’ve set the tone by beginning each lesson with a “Forest Circle” and creating ground rules for the group to live and work by. The children came up with some incredible