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Who Gets the Credit?

Summer is a great time for reflection, catching up on some reading, and recharging the batteries. Yes children need to recharge. Here is a summer reflection. When it comes to Standardized Grading – Who Really Gets the Credit? One of the hallmarks of a Montessori education is the intrinsic motivation our children thrive on. They

Middle School Infectious Disease Project

Adolescents demand to know and understand how the work they do is relevant to their lives. Our highly interactive, interdisciplinary curriculum offers adolescents the opportunity to experience practical roles that integrate and apply academic studies to the real world. In science class, middle school students studied infectious diseases and chose one in which to research

Middle School Podcasting

Middle School podcasts – As printed news journalism declines and audio media gains popularity, podcasting is a way for journalists to have an opportunity to tell a story and reach listeners.

Mastery vs Performance

Riding a Bike Our world is based on performance. Our students must be educated to perform in a goal-oriented society. Students must pass the test to achieve their goals. This is backwards thinking. Please do not mistake this last statement as a rejection of setting and achieving goals, but it is important we examine many

Exploration of the three “I”s.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” —Mark Twain. The Montessori philosophy at the middle school level plays a critical role in the ability for adolescents to discover who they are what their purpose is. A main characteristic of adolescence is

Reading Buddies Return

As the new year begins school traditions are passed along to from Riverbend students. The Lower Elementary students were visited by their Upper Elementary “buddies” to share the love of reading.  It was a wonderful experience for both groups of students. For Lower Elementary, this program allows students to practice reading and listening skills with

Spring Into Montessori

Learn more about Montessori at an Elementary level! Introduction to Montessori in Elementary Saturday, April 27 10:00 am – 12:00 am Engage in hands on science and nature explorations for preschool to 1st grade students! Event will be hosted in the Children’s House located at 33 Eliot Street, Natick MA Interactive nature inspired snack along with

Practical Life Lessons

Starting out in a Montessori classroom as a young, eager intern back in September 1994, I really had no bias toward other approaches to education, except that of my own experience as a child — both parochial and public.  My undergrad degree was not even in education. Montessori training wasn’t something I knew about until

Smart vs. Wise

Is it more important to be smart or wise? For those who have worked with elementary-aged children for many years, the premium has usually been placed upon being smart. Wisdom has been the purview of the teacher. Teachers are considered wise and children are receptacles for knowledge imparted by the “sage on the stage.” A

Creating Beauty

Creating Beauty Maria Montessori and Martha Stewart would have gotten along well, notwithstanding the latter’s time served in prison for insider trading. Both women share a fervent belief in the prepared environment. The prepared environment is beautiful, peaceful and inviting. It represents both care and intention with the purpose of creating space for good work