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Cradles to Crayons

On Tuesday, December 13th, students in Upper Elementary visited Cradles to Crayons, a Boston based non-profit organization,  providing essential items to children ages 0-12 years. Once at the facility, the class was divided into two groups. One group sorted kids’ clothing by gender while the other group sorted the

Middle School Quilt

Our Middle School students read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas  by, John Boyne in class. This story shows many different perspectives of WWII through each of its characters. Students were asked  to create a 8x8 quilt square that visually represented their choosen character from the novel and incorporate different images that symbolize

Wellesley College Field Trip

This week our Middle School Students went on a trip to Wellesley College where Professor David Olson gave them an engaging presentation about "New Media." He showed the students how animated movies and video games are created. He also showed them some of the other art resources including the dark room and green screen video recording room. Students

Kindergarten Community Service

The Children's House was visited by Christi-Anne Plough a current parent this Tuesday, to read and work with the Kindergartners on the subject of giving back to the community. The students gathered for a reading of "Stone Soup" written by Heather Forest, and then work on an activity reinstating the stories theme of pitching in to accomplish a commu

Hurricane Effort reaches Goal!

Thank You Very Much Riverbend Community! Hi, my name is Marcello Nissi and  I recently started a fundraiser drive to help the dogs in need from the recent hurricanes with my four other activists in the making, consisting of Nathaniel, Luca, Matthew and Lillian. I am so proud of how much money we raised. As a community, we raised over $615.00!