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Hooting in Lower El

Today in our Lower Elementary some feathery friends came into class for a visit. The Mass Audubon came to teach our students about owl species that live in our state. Students were taught about different predatory bird species and were shown a comparison between an owl's talons and a hawks. They were also taught about the various features that o

Reporters Visit the Tavern

This week reporters from MetroWest Daily News came to see our newly constructed Middle School and Admissions welcome center in its first full week of school. They spoke with students and faculty on their impressions of the new space. C

Reptile Presentation

Our Lower Elementary students were engaged with a wonderful presentation about reptiles by naturalist, Joy Marzoff, from Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary. The students learned many interesting facts about the reptiles they saw. They saw a painted turtle in both its adolescent and adult size and learned about countershadi

Cradles to Crayons

On Tuesday, December 13th, students in Upper Elementary visited Cradles to Crayons, a Boston based non-profit organization,  providing essential items to children ages 0-12 years. Once at the facility, the class was divided into two groups. One group sorted kids’ clothing by gender while the other group sorted the

Middle School Quilt

Our Middle School students read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas  by, John Boyne in class. This story shows many different perspectives of WWII through each of its characters. Students were asked  to create a 8x8 quilt square that visually represented their choosen character from the novel and incorporate different images that symbolize