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Library in Lower Elementary! 

Thank you to our parent volunteers who recently helped set up the new and improved Lower Elementary Library. A special thanks to: Jessica Baur, Daria Cho, Elisabet Levy, Tanya Milette, Christina Papageorgious, & Sarah Tauer for their many hours of book sorting. The students and teachers are so happy!


MakerFaire at Riverbend

Last Friday, the middle school students at Riverbend put on a MakerFaire for 1st through 6th graders.  The middle school students decided on

Forest Friday Adventures

The Things we Take for Granted One of the important aspects of Forest Friday is just being outdoors enjoying nature for its own beauty and tranquility. In this BEING, the fostering of the senses, community, joy, and stewardship come together, united with no words necessary to explain the divine unity. This fulfillment c

Water Testing in Middle School Lab

Middle School Students tested the water in the Charles River for pH, dissolved oxygen level, and temperature. They then compared the results to the water study we conducted during our visit to Walden Pond in October and water from Crawford Notch in New Hampshire in September.

Additionally, they began to explore photos

Nature Class Lesson “Birds in Winter”

Today in Ms. Janey’s nature class with our Primary students, we learned about all the great techniques birds use to keep warm in these frigid temperatures. Migration - the great escape from the cold temperatures is an option for some species. However; if birds stay and do not migrate, they have developed many adaptations to keep warm. We talked a