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Construction Update November 2019


The project is starting to really move along. The footings for the elementary school building were poured so now the outline of the building and the dimensions of the structure are visible. The forms for the foundation walls arrived earlier this week and now by the end of the week the foundation walls will be complete with the forms stripped away which will reveal the new walls. This will really allow you to envision the size and mass of the new elementary school building.

The loam removed from the excavation of the school building is being stockpiled in the rear of the construction site near the tree line. The pile is growing day by day. It is beginning to look like a small hill suitable for winter activity. Sledding anyone?

The excavation for the foundation of the gym begins in earnest this week. This will continue to add to the height of our growing hill. The loam is being stored for use later in the project, most importantly for the leveling of the new field that will be located behind the gym. The next step in the gym construction will be digging for the footings of the building’s foundation. By early December that will be a reality set in stone (concrete!).


-Head of School, Whitney Slade