Annual Report

The story of Riverbend is a story of a community who is committed to building and sustaining a place of excellence for their children, a school where children’s academic, social, emotional, creative, and athletic skills are fostered, and where the innate curiosity of the child is honored in their unique educational journey. From two small Montessori schools, we have become one school that strives to exemplify the very best in both innovative and Montessori learning for children ages Toddler through Eighth Grade. You play a critical role in realizing the many possibilities ahead, through your active physical and financial involvement in our community.

I feel fortunate to join this community at such an exciting time and to be working with such a great team. As you may know, I have a holistic six-month plan that focuses on getting to know children and parents, learning about the distinguished history of Riverbend and its Montessori approach, and understanding the school’s distinctive culture and traditions. I look forward to working with many of you in the months and years to come. We are building on a strong foundation and I am eager to be a part of what lies ahead.

Thank you for your generous spirit and your belief in a small school that will be doing big things in the coming years!

With love and gratitude,
Christine Price, Ph.D.
Head of School