Construction Update

Week of 10/21

The fences have arrived! As robins in the spring signal the start of the new season, fences and the ubiquitous construction trailer signal that Riverbend’s building project is officially underway.

“Real” construction really got going this week. Big pieces of earth-moving machinery are rumbling through our field, clearing the top soil to prepare the ground for foundations. The extra yards of soil are being stored on site for later use to level the new field that will be behind the gym. 

After the surveyors staked out the positioning of the buildings, the loam is being stripped away, and excavation for the school house building is underway. Next, oil testing will take place to determine the stability of the soil. Once that is finished the builders will begin to place footings for the foundation. Pouring for the foundation is scheduled to take place the week of 10/28.