Parents Association

Our school’s Parents’ Association (PA), plays a vital role in creating a sense of community, as well as supporting the mission of the school. The PA organizes enrichment programs to extend the learning in the classrooms, special community events for both students and parents to enjoy, and fundraising efforts to benefit the student experience at Riverbend. Enrichment programs sponsored by the PA bring experts from the worlds of literature, science, music and the arts into our school to engage our students and compliment their classroom curriculum. The PA organizes social events for students and parents throughout the year to give the community opportunities to enjoy one another outside of the classroom. All parents are considered members of the PA when their child(ren) enroll at Riverbend, and are encouraged to participate in ways they enjoy to support the school.


Leadership Council (PALC) 2018-2019

PA interim President: Kim Leiva
(contact the PA for more information)

Room Parent Coordinator:  Kim Leiva

Secretary: Elisabet Levy

Room parents:

  • Mulberry:  Sarah Hahn
  • Tupelo:  Kate Hartman
  • Willow:  Jeff Perrott
  • Elm:  Catherine Zhang, Sarah Kaspar
  • Birch:  Elizabeth Milewski, Catherine Lopez-Baldrich
  • Maple:  Stephen Siebenmorgen, Liz Gallinaro
  • Oak:  Secil Reel Sen, Shruti Panjini
  • LE-Kim:  Marie Laskowsky
  • LE-Harea:  Elisabet Levy
  • LE-Sundstrom:  Nikki Greene
  • UE:  Jim Hartman, Sarah Tauer
  • MS:  Ellen Banthin, Christina Papageorgiou


There are many wonderful ways to get involved within our community through fun and rewarding volunteer opportunities: