Board of Directors

The Riverbend School is a non-profit educational institution governed by its Board of Directors. Directors are selected from the school community, and are typically parents of current or former students. The length of each Director’s term is a period of three years, subject to renewal. The primary responsibilities of the Board are to safeguard the financial stability of the school, to ensure that policies and operations adhere to the mission of the school and to evaluate the performance of the Head of School.


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Executive Board Committee

Chris Suraci President Read More
Sarah Adams Vice President Read More
Morgen Peck Treasurer Read More
John Rowe Clerk

Committee Chairs

Emeka Iffih Advancement Committee Co-Chair Read More
Eric Pritchett Governance Committee Chair Read More
Shana Salzano Liaison/Outreach Committee Chair
Karin Woessner Advancement Committee Co-Chair Read More

Board Members

Daniel Finn Read More
David Young Read More